HR E-Store Updates- Are Your Policies Current?

It has been almost two months since the new Alberta Employment Standards changes came into effect on January 1st, 2018. Are your company’s HR Policies up to date and current with new legislation?!

Salopek’s HR E-Store offers online access to a comprehensive library of HR Policies, Forms, Manuals and Guides that are easily accessible and customizable to suit your company’s culture and practices, while ensuring compliance with employment standards & legislation.

In response to Bill 17 and the resulting Alberta Employment Standard changes, which came into effect on Jan. 1st 2018, Salopek & Associates‘ has updated our HR E-Store templates to reflect the new employment legislation. For organizations interested in executing updates to their processes and polices independently and incorporating customization to suit their individual needs, these updated templates offer a cost effective resource for managing policy changes resulting from new legislation.

Provided below is a list of all Salopek template Policies, Guides and Manuals that have been updated to ensure compliance with the new Employment Standards Code:

The purchase of each template includes support from one of Salopek’s HR Consultants, who are available to assist with template customization and answer any questions regarding implementation.

Contact Salopek if you have any questions about the updates we’ve made to our HR E-Store templates.

Need some help preparing your policies, processes and team for the new legislative changes? Depending on your needs, Salopek offers various levels of support, tools, and resources to assist you in ensuring your people practices and processes are legislatively compliant.

Click Here for a summary of the Alberta Employment Standards Code Changes and the services Salopek offers to support your organization in managing the legislative changes

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