Are you losing good people due to “better pay elsewhere”? Do you wonder whether you are paying too little or too much? Are you getting pressure to consider incentive or bonus plans and more flexibility in your group benefits?

Salopek & Associates provides the following consulting services to ensure your total compensation package is competitive and offers what employees really want:

  • Job Evaluation
  • Pay Equity/ Pay Transparency Compliance
  • Compensation Philosophy Development
  • Total Compensation Review and Analysis
  • Market research on Competitive Pay Rates
  • Salary Surveys
  • Assistance with Group Benefit Renewal

Compensation is a bit of an “art and a science”. You need to be creative in your offering but you also need to be structured and framed in sound principles. It is certainly an area that requires a specialist! Properly designed compensation programs can motivate and focus your people in areas that will grow your business. However, poorly designed programs can be costly if they reward behaviors and results that are counter-productive or bad for your business.

At Salopek & Associates we have Compensation Specialists on our team who understand the importance of designing reward programs that get the results you need to grow your business. Our consulting service includes an assessment of market data to determine the competitive pay range for your positions and determining whether your group benefits or bonus program needs a tune up. We will work with you to define your compensation philosophy and ensure that your total rewards program is competitive and capable of attracting and retaining the right people.

Effective Recruitment and Retention are the foundational pillars in building a successful organization. Contact Salopek & Associates for more information on how we can support your company in successfully attracting and retaining your most valuable resources.