Recruiting-by-the-Hour is a unique service offered by Salopek & Associates that saves our clients money. This service allows our clients to access support from recruitment experts on an hourly basis, with no retainer or placement fees. Our HR Consultants work with your managers to develop a customized recruitment strategy that is tailored to your corporate culture to maximize exposure and effectively market your employee value proposition. We offer full cycle recruitment support, and can assist with as much or as little of the process as you require.

Specifically, our Recruiting-by-the-Hour service includes:

  • Developing a recruitment strategy that targets and attracts industry professionals
  • Job description development – clearly defining and scoping the positions, spending time with your managers to understand the role and the company culture
  • Conducting targeted recruitment utilizing Salopek & Associates’ developed network
  • Job advertisement development – creating branded job ads that effectively market your company and the opportunity
  • Sourcing candidates – posting the position on relevant websites and reaching out to our network to promote the opportunity and drive interest from qualified candidates
  • Reviewing resumes and providing feedback on candidates
  • Telephone screening of applicants – customizing screens to ask questions that identify qualifications for role and cultural fit
  • Facilitating and conducting in-person interviews alongside management team – assistance and coaching with interviewing as required
  • Conducting reference checks for all potential hires
  • Assisting with the development of the offer package
  • Communicating non-selection to those candidates who were phone screened and/or interviewed and not selected
  • On-boarding new hires

Salopek & Associates spends time getting to know your business, your managers and your people. We meet on-site with your hiring manager to ensure that we understand your culture, workplace environment and employee value proposition. Our HR Consultants act as an extension of your organization and, understanding your values and teams, we passionately promote your employee value proposition and the opportunities within your organization to candidates who will be a great long term fit. Our approach involves accessing our networks, getting your jobs posted on high traffic websites and finding you the best candidates possible.

While every position and recruitment scenario is unique, Salopek & Associates is confident in our ability to, on average, provide our clients with a recommended hire within 25-30 hours. Our success is directly related to the relationships we build with our clients and the potential candidates we meet through our network.

Salopek & Associates has assisted clients across Canada in a variety of sectors, including Manufacturing, Information Technology, Oil and Gas, Field Services, Construction, Hospitality, Retail, Professional Services and Non-Profit. New recruits range from junior to senior management roles and include such positions as Engineers, Technicians, Tradespeople, IT Developers, Programmers, Managers, Supervisors and Administrative Personnel.

Contact Salopek & Associates today and discover how we can help you find the right fit for a fraction of the price.