See how we’ve helped many Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs like SAM…

Who you are:

  • Owner or Founder of a new business or recently acquired business with no HR Support
  • An Entrepreneur who likes to take risks but not when it comes to people

Your challenges may include:

  • Understanding provincial and federal employment legislation
  • Establishing Employment Contracts
  • Attracting & retaining the right people IE workforce planning
  • Addressing people issues with little to no understanding of best practices

How we can help:

  • We can provide you with HR Essentials and HR Fundamentals – policies and guides to ensure you are compliant with legislation and aligned with best practices
  • We partner with you to manage your human resources issues so that you don’t get bogged down in important employee/people issues
  • We provide assurance that your people issues are being managed by a team of highly specialized experts. Our Consulting team is your outsourced Human Resource Department
  • We ensure that you have the processes in place to attract and retain the people you need to successfully grow your business
  • We provide prompt same day advice to you and your change management team so that difficult and potentially legally sensitive people issues are dealt with in a timely manner

As the owner of a new Start-Up you need policies, procedures and templates that are easily customizable for the company. Salopek & Associates can give start-ups piece of mind that all your essential HR needs are covered. We offer various packages that are customizable to each of your unique businesses needs and include access to all the HR Essentials and Fundamentals – 75 policies and procedures plus guides on essential HR processes such as performance management. As a growing organization, you need access to Human Resource advice and help in ensuring that your employment contracts and employment practices are legislatively compliant. You need an HR Professional who is available to provide guidance and coaching so you can grow your vision and organization with HR Experts across Canada. Salopek’s HR Consultants in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa will assist your organization as it develops and grows!

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Advantages of working with us:

  • Programs and Packages that fit your budget
  • Customized support that is unique to your culture
  • Immediate same day expert advice
  • Uninterrupted operations
  • Comprehensive experience (Associates have more than 15 years)
  • Access to a full team of Human Resource experts by calling one number or emailing one contact
  • Help is available remotely over the phone or in your office – you decide how you would like to partner with us


Sound-Rite Acoustics Inc. has been using the services of Salopek & Associates Ltd. for four years. Prior to partnering with them, I often felt uncertain as to whether we were current regarding many of our Human Resource programs. It seemed like we were always reacting to circumstances rather than having a long term plan. Salopek & Associates has assisted us with the development of: a policy and procedure manual, Human Resource programs that support corporate culture and needs of staff, performance review processes, and on-going strategizing, coaching, mentoring and succession planning. In addition, Salopek & Associates has facilitated meetings of staff and owners to establish vision, mission, core values and employee value proposition statements. They also facilitated a Corporate Strategic Planning session for the owners.

We are extremely pleased with the professional and timely approach to all projects Salopek & Associates has undertaken. As a small company, I know we are at a level now that we never could have achieved without the assistance of Salopek & Associates.

P.M. (Marty) Dahl, President – Sound-Rite Acoustics Inc.