Sectors Served

Salopek & Associates serves a range of business types from small businesses to large corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Whether it is for on-going support or short term projects, we provide each sector with expert HR support specific to their requirements.

Small Businesses – We partner with Small Businesses as their outsourced HR department, helping them put foundational people processes in place and providing support as they grow their business. For businesses without an internal HR team, we provide assurance that people issues are being managed by a team of highly specialized experts.

Large Corporations – Working closely with the organization’s internal HR team, we support Large Corporations facing projects requiring additional support, to assist with those ongoing tactical processes that busy corporations simply cannot find time to do, or in the event that third party, external advise is required.

Not-for-profits – We provide a shared services model for a number of non-profit organizations whereby our services are available to a group of not-for-profits for a set number of hours a month, on an as-needed basis. We support Not-for-profits in facing challenges that are unique to their sector and promoting their employee value proposition to attract talent that is a great fit for their organizational needs and culture.