Do your managers know and understand employment legislation? Are they familiar with human rights and privacy legislation? Mistakes can be costly in terms of both dollars and potential damage to your reputation or employment brand.

Salopek & Associates can provide an assessment of your people programs and processes to ensure that they are legislatively compliant. Our HR Consultants will recommend best practices to ensure compliance and teach your managers the important aspects of employment law when they are hiring, disciplining, compensating and terminating employees.

Salopek & Associates is available to support your organization with the following consulting services:

  • Assessment of your people programs and processes to ensure they are legislatively compliant
  • Development of policies and procedures that are required by law and / or best practices
  • Assistance with human rights issues/complaints
  • Training and development on employment law

It is important that managers are aware of employee rights relative to the legislation. Employees are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about their rights, and if their rights are violated they may file a claim. This leads to an investigation, which can have a negative impact on staff morale and can be very time consuming and costly.

It is important for organizations to understand employment standards and offer a positive, safe and legislatively compliant workplace. Salopek & Associates can work with your managers to be proactive and minimize risk. Additionally, our team is available, as you need us to support with challenging people issues as they arise. Our HR Specialist On-Call service offers 24/7 support and empowers managers to connect with an expert in order to proactively address challenges before they become an issue.

Contact Salopek & Associates and find out more about how we can be a resource to your management team in dealing with employee relations issues and employment legislation.