Payroll must be 100% accurate, or your people won’t be happy and your organization could be at risk.

Payroll is a highly specialized area and as such out-sourcing a Payroll Professional to be on-call when required is recommended. Leverage and fully utilize your Payroll Specialist to help administer and manage your organizations payroll needs, or be a back-up to your regular payroll person and have the Payroll Specialist provide an independent third-party assessment/audit to ensure your Payroll is administered properly. Implementing a new payroll system can be complex and if you are contemplating a change or setting up for the first time a consult with a Payroll Specialist is advised.  A Payroll Specialist will ensure that processes are compliant, aligned with best practices and risks are mitigated by pro-actively reviewing payroll practices. Mistakes can be costly!

Payroll Specialists will ensure:

  • Full-service payroll management and administration via third-party payroll systems such as: Payworks, Ceridian, Dayforce etc.
  • Your payroll is accurately administered when your Payroll person goes on vacation
  • The implementation of a new payroll system is well managed
  • Processes and policies are properly documented such that when you have a vacancy in your payroll department you can quickly replace the position and have payroll continue to run smoothly
  • Your processes are efficient and structured such that mistakes are easily identifiable and the risk of fraud is mitigated
  • Communication and key messaging around pay and benefits are clear and easily explained to your employees
  • Payroll issues and concerns are properly and quickly investigated and resolved
  • Confidentiality around pay is assured
 Your employees trust that you will ensure their pay is managed properly and the reputation of your organization depends on it. Seek the advice of a specialist – contact Salopek & Associates as our Payroll Specialists are experienced and credited.  

Salopek will assign a Payroll Specialist who is:

  • A Certified Payroll Professional
  • Experienced in a wide spectrum of industry sectors
  • Capable of stepping in and managing and administrating your Payroll
  • Experienced in implementing new payroll systems and/or setting up your first Payroll
  • Confident in giving you recommendations to mitigate any risks associated with Payroll
  • A capable communicator and skilled at explaining payroll to employees and training your managers on information they need to know relative to payroll
  • A trusted advisor to Senior Management and the Board