Deciding when it is necessary to terminate employees is an important decision and needs to be made in conjunction with your business planning. Whether it is an independent termination or layoffs on a larger scale due the economic environment, Salopek & Associates’ trained Consultants can support your managers and people when the business requires you to cut staff or let go of a poor performer.

Manpower Planning & “Right Sizing”

Manpower planning is the first step to ensuring downsizing is the right route for your organization and results in “Right Sizing”. This involves identifying positions and people who are critical to the organization as well as those that are not aligned with the business goals and values. Mass layoff without careful consideration of individual employee contribution can result in loss of amazing talent and a scramble to rehire once business picks back up. Salopek & Associates’ trained Consultants can support you with the outplacement transitioning services process, to ensure your manpower is aligned with your business plan.

Downsizing Transition

When layoffs are necessary to maintain operations and achieve business objectives, it is important that the process is executed in a fashion that supports employees who are both exiting and remaining with the organization. Successful downsizing ensures departing staff are treated with dignity, while maintaining the morale and motivation of employees who are identified as being critical for the company’s continued success. Upholding organizational values and approaching layoffs with compassion and genuine care for the professional success of all your people can actually result in team growth despite a reduction in employee count.

Terminations & Outplacement Services

Determining when to let someone go and effectively managing the process such that the employee leaves with dignity is one of your most challenging and dreaded jobs as a manager. Ensuring that the employee who is leaving the organization is properly supported will not only be appreciated by the employee but will also help mitigate the risk of the termination being legally challenged. We can support you with:

  • Evaluating employees who are not performing and need to be terminated
  • Preparing termination letters, releases and termination check-lists
  • Supporting the manager on the day of termination
  • Providing Career Transition Support to the exiting employee