Salopek Family Farewell- Leah Fochuk

Working with people you respect, enjoy spending time with, and can learn from are critical components to being happy at work, and also happier in life. There are numerous studies and stats that back this up, but I think we could all probably agree that the impact of working with people we like (or don’t) makes a major difference in how we feel about our work and lives in general.

This week we are celebrating the opportunity our team has had to work alongside an amazing HR professional, Leah Fochuk, who spent the past 2.5 years working with Salopek & Associates as both a Consulting Services Manager and a Senior HR Consultant. To say she has positively impacted our company, team and clients would be a tremendous understatement. More than her exceptional HR expertise and experience, her input in how Salopek has continued to evolve our services, how we support clients, and the way in which we communicate the value we deliver as a team has been invaluable.

As a colleague, manager, mentor and friend, there are many moments from working with Leah that stand out for our team – here are a few highlights that make us smile as we look back on our time working together:

Alannah Turner – Senior Consultant

I have had the privilege of working with Leah twice now. In our time at Salopek together I have appreciated her strong HR and business skills. She is very professional and knowledgeable about Human Resources and in her approach with people. I have observed her ability to manage difficult situations and people with a high level of compassion and professionalism. I have admired her writing skills, and truly appreciated the help she provided to me on many occasions.

While not ever lessening her skills and knowledge; I would like to say that the fact she does that while looking so put together just adds to her presentation. (I mean the lip gloss is always ‘on point’!!)

I am going to miss hearing your laugh Leah at our meetings and socials!

Amanda Charron – Marketing Specialist

When Leah joined Salopek I was delighted to welcome a professional to our team who not only had impressive expertise in HR, but was also educated and experienced in Marketing! It was a pleasure working with Leah as we developed Salopek’s services and business together, and I really appreciated the feedback and perspective she provided, collaborating with me to help create communications that effectively promoted Salopek’s service offering. Playing a lead role in our social media communications, Leah’s knack for writing, finding, and sharing articles that were of genuine interest to our audience helped us build our brand on a daily basis. From boardroom meetings to beers after work, having Leah around the table was a definite bonus to working with Salopek.

 Clementine Crooks – HR Generalist

Leah is a hard-working, creative, committed and driven HR professional. I so appreciate her proactive and innovative way of approaching HR. She is a great reminder that when we challenge our expectations of ourselves we garner the best results. Leah, I wish you all the best in your next chapter

 Janet Salopek – President & Senior Consultant

I had the pleasure of working alongside Leah for 2.5 years and during a period of that time we worked closely on business development. I remember Leah asking me one day to describe the Salopek WOW factor. I quickly said “providing exceptional service”. Leah just as quickly responded “I don’t think so – exceptional service is what every Consulting Service Team should provide…we need to define our real WOW factor”. After further reflection I knew what it was…it was the “out of the box” thinking provided by our team and the diligence in moving strategy to practical implementation, materially impacting how our clients attracted and retained top talent. This is the WOW factor that Leah provided to our clients each and every day. I will miss Leah but I know she is continuing her career journey and will hopefully someday come back to once again provide the WOW factor to our clients.

 Jill Sullivan – Senior Consultant

While I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Leah in person, her energy, enthusiasm, expertise and sense of humour were readily evident from my wonderful conversations with her and brainstorming ideas and solutions over the phone. Always a pleasure and a comfort to be able to reach out to her if I had any questions, and appreciated. While I’m solo in Ottawa, it never feels that way having the support of colleagues in other locations. Leah was intrinsic to making me feel part of the team! She will be missed, and I wish her all the best in her new endeavours….

 Raina Wall – Senior Consultant

I have had the pleasure of knowing Leah for several years but most recently worked with her on considering a career change and starting up at Salopek. Leah is a consummate professional, always willing to be honest and provide insight when you ask for it. She doesn’t hesitate to help and she tirelessly works for her clients to deliver what they need. She is also a ton of fun to be around, always smiling and laughing, which makes working with her a sincere pleasure. The team will definitely miss Leah but will fondly remain fans of hers as she embarks on this new chapter of her career. Wishing you well Leah, and all the best in your continued career journey!

 Saira Gangji – Senior Consultant

Before I joined the Salopek team, I didn’t know Leah beyond an awkward “hello” at HR networking events, but that all changed when we travelled to Fort McMurray together in October 2017. We went to “woo and wow” a new client, and “woo and wow” we did! After a successful day of meetings, and over a glass of wine at the airport, we swapped “the story of my life” stories – the good, the bad and the ugly, and since that fateful trip to Fort Mac, Leah has become a close friend of mine. I’m so grateful for the many laughs (and drinks!) that we’ve shared, and even though she’s moving on to a new challenge, I hope she knows that she’ll always be part of our team. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her, because I know that she’ll do amazing things.

 Zoe Dzenick – HR & Admin Assistant

I have greatly enjoyed my short time working with Leah. I have been especially thankful for her willingness to help me grow in HR by letting me assist her with client projects. Through her open and welcoming demeanour, Leah has shown me the value of approaching tasks with a collaborative and personal approach. I will miss both working with you and seeing your bright presence at the team socials Leah; best of luck on your next adventure!

As a team, we feel fortunate to have had Leah work along side us, and although she is taking her career in a new direction, we hope that one day her path leads back to a place on our team at Salopek & Associates. Best of luck Leah! It has been a pleasure to work with you and a privilege to call you a member of our HR family!

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