5 Workplace Group Costumes to Win Halloween

Trick or Treat?! No seriously, with Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, professionals excited about dressing up will want to make sure their corporate costumes come across more festive than offensive. Which, depending on where you work and the dress code in place, may prove to be quite the tricky task!

A great way to raise Halloween spirits at work, while providing employees with some direction on what would be an appropriate costume in your specific workplace, is to suggest a group costume for your team! For organizations with multiple departments within the office, holding a Halloween group costume contest is a spooktacular way to encourage employee teamwork. And, if your organization is eager to promote cross-departmental collaboration, mixing employees from different departments on teams is a festive way for employees who may otherwise not work together to have the opportunity to get to know each other better.

So, to help get the creative juices flowing, here are my favourite group Halloween costume ideas for your workplace:


A major Archie comic book fan as a kid, I can’t help but love the idea of seeing colleagues dressed as some of my favourite comic book characters. With the hit TV show Riverdale reviving this classic cartoon, Jughead, Veronica, Josie and the entire Poppe’s Chock’lit Shoppe loving gang are sure to be a top pick for individual and group costumes alike.


This viral video game provides a plethora of characters and skins for your team to geek out over. Personally, I’ve never played the game, but if the Vancouver Canucks chose to ban it because it’s so addictive I’m sure many employees will be clamoring to dress up as their favorite virtual character.


The Incredibles:

Ok, so admittedly this might be better suited for a family costume (it’s what my family is going as actually!) But beyond the immediate Incredibles family there are some great character adds, like Edna Mode, Syndrome and Frozone, that could make this a great group costume for the workplace too – not to mention, it would be hilarious to see your boss dressed as Baby Jack-Jack!

The Office: 

One of my favourite shows of all time, there are too many hilarious Halloween costumes from the various seasons of The Office to count, so be sure to check out the link for a top 25 list to choose from! A few highlights that I think would be a hit to have in your own office include; Creed, Kevin & Dwight as the 3 Jokers (a great trio costume); Jim’s “Dave”, 3 Hole Punch or Facebook costumes are perfect for employees who leave dressing up to the last minute; Kevin’s Michael Moore for anyone who wants an excuse to get a head start on Movember. And soooo many more that are sure to get a good laugh.

Baby Shark:

Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo… As a new mom I can’t help but want to see this song come to life in what would probably be the best group Halloween costume of 2018. If you have no idea what Baby Shark is DON’T click the link – the song will be stuck in your head until the new year, I swear. But I’m guessing in every workplace there are at least 5 parents who can’t get this repetitive and ridiculously catchy song out of their head. So now you have an excuse to buy that foam Shark costume we’ve all secretly wanted to wear at some point in our lives and dress it up as Baby, Mama, Daddy, Grandpa or Grandma. Be prepared to do the dance – you know everyone is gonna want to see it. Then prepare space on your desk for your 2018 Group Halloween Costume winner’s trophy.  🙂

From all of us at Salopek & Associates, we hope you and your colleagues have a very fun, safe and happy Halloween!


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