10 Management Resolutions for 2015

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Salopek & Associates wants to wish you a very Happy New Year! To ring in the New Year we have put together a list of management resolutions that can help to make you a more effective manager and team leader in 2015:

  1. Take a Walk and Talk to Employees – Take time out of your day to walk about the office and connect with employees, asking them about their day, how they are doing and expressing genuine interest. One of the top reasons employees stay with a company is because of their relationship with their manager.
  1. Only Commit to What You Can Control – As a manager, it is your responsibility to follow through on the commitments you make to both the company and your team. If you can’t control the outcome, then don’t make the commitment. Ensuring that you deliver on what you say you are going to do speaks volumes to employees and executives alike.
  1. Take the High Road and the Responsibility – Do not make excuses for a mistake you have made or try to project blame on others. Taking responsibility demonstrates your ability to recognize your mistake and learn from it. Focus on the solution, put a plan in place to resolve the issue and move forward by communicating the plan effectively.
  1. Give Regular Feedback to Employees – Don’t wait until review time to tell your employees how well they are doing or if they need to improve. Feedback should occur on an ongoing basis, whether it is good or bad, to help employees develop their skills and recognize their strengths throughout the year.
  1. Develop Your Succession Plan – Take time to give thought to who will replace you when you move on from your current role or company. Identify the person you feel would be the best future fit for your position and invest in making them great!
  1. Find Out What Motivates Your Employees – Get to know your team and outright ask what motivates them in their careers. Incorporating their motivation into their job is the key to increasing employee engagement and results in happier, more productive employees.
  1. Create Opportunities for Your Team to Connect – Whether it’s a charitable cause, office sports team, volunteer opportunity or monthly lunch for your employees to enjoy together, keeping your team connected and communicating is a great way to build engagement.
  1. Have Fun at Work – Yes, work still needs to get done, but having fun along the way plays a big part in turning a job into a career that keeps you happy and fulfilled. Allow yourself and your employees to have fun at work.
  1. Spend Time with Senior Management – Make an effort to get more face time with Senior Management. Show an active interest in the priorities of your company and give thought to the things you could do to support in achieving goals. Asking your manager for coffee once a month is a great way to show initiative, ask questions and discuss ideas.
  1. Set Aside Time for Planning – Effective planning is critical for all managers, so schedule time in your calendar each week to reflect on priorities and put plans in place to reach objectives. Commit to taking time each week to reflect on plans made and commit to new ones – don’t reschedule!

Like any New Year resolution, the trick is to stick to it! Making any of these resolutions a part of your daily, weekly or monthly schedule will help in developing your managerial skills throughout 2014. The results will amaze you! By this time next year you will have become a notably better manager and have a stronger, happier and more engaged team that works together to achieve company objectives.

Salopek & Associates wishes you a very Happy New Year and please feel free to contact us at anytime for more information on our 2015 New Year Resolution list. Partnering with organizations across Canada, and with consultants in Calgary, Fort McMurray, Ottawa and Toronto we would be happy to connect with you in person or virtually to discuss how we can help you in implementing New Year Resolutions at your workplace.

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