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The Quest for Work-Life Balance


Now, more than ever, employees have numerous commitments and obligations outside of the office and are constantly being pulled in many directions. A shift in technology in recent years has made it easier to stay connected to the workplace to the degree that some employees never fully “shut off” from work mode. It is because of these factors that more and more employees are asking for work-life balance. It is a concept that has been around for a long time but what does it really mean? The simple definition is a proper prioritization between work and lifestyle. But your employees are struggling with striking the right balance between the two. How can you help your employees achieve it?

  1. Flexible time off – Employment Standards outlines which employee groups are eligible for overtime (OT). Where roles require employees to work substantial OT and are not eligible for monetary compensation, it is important to provide an alternative. Having an Earned Days Off Policy allows you to recognize your employees’ time contributions and ensure they are getting enough time away from the office to recuperate and avoid any job burnout.
  2. Benefits – When your employees have effective health coverage in place, there is a better likelihood they will ensure they will be taking care of themselves and maintaining their health. A healthier staff is typically a harder working and more engaged staff which can lead to greater productivity.
  3. Vacation – Allotted vacation entitlements allow your employees to do what is important to them outside of work. It is important that hiring managers or human resources departments are staying on top of tracking these amounts and, where appropriate, encouraging employees to be using vacation days outside of the office.
  4. Health – A healthy workplace with healthy employees is more engaging, positive and vibrant. Workplace initiatives/friendly competitions between employees is a great way to encourage all of your employees to get out and be active. From weekly step competitions and weight loss competitions to weekly lunchtime physical activity or coed team sports, there are ample ways to bring employees together and inspire your staff to take their health into their own hands and to participate.

When it comes to work-life balance, the bottom line is that your employees need to ensure that they are taking care of themselves so that they are present, healthy and productive when they are at the office. You do not need to go to extravagant lengths to help your employees’ well-being, as small initiatives can go a long way towards effectively balancing your employees’ work and life.

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