Salopek’s Fall Training Workshops

Training & Development has a major impact on an individual’s choice to join, stay or leave your company. Employees today want opportunity for skill development and career growth, and to be part of a company that offers a continuous learning culture. In order to attract and retain great people, you need to provide Training & Development opportunities to demonstrate your company’s investment in employees. Salopek’s Fall Training Workshops offer a convenient and cost effective option for employees to continue their learning and develop essential management, leadership and HR skills.

Facilitated by our HR Consultants at an off-site location in Calgary, Salopek & Associates’ Workshops address topics that are essential to effective people and team management, and provide an on-going learning opportunity for employees developing into managerial roles or wanting a refresher on HR best practices. Demonstrating a commitment to employee growth with a small investment in Training & Development results in a large return in your ability to attract, engage and retain employees who are developing their skills, while promoting your organization as an employer of choice to prospective professionals.

Check out Salopek’s upcoming Fall Training Workshops:

Contact us today to register for our upcoming Fall Workshops or to learn more about the Training & Development Workshop topics Salopek & Associates can provide your team with our on-site training sessions. We look forward to having you and your teams join us

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