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It is clear to Salopek & Associates that our clients understand the importance of keeping on top of business and HR trends. Staying ahead of the curve and understanding the market they are competing in is important to growing their business and attracting and retaining the talent they need to be successful.

Having shared the HRIA’s initial Alberta HR Trends Report in early 2014, Salopek received amazing feedback from contacts, clients and media alike interested in better understanding these trends and how they applied to their business and strategic plans. With the HRIA launching the 2nd edition of the Alberta HR Trends Report, we knew this clear and simple info-graphic would be a valuable tool for HR and business professionals alike.

A few new Trends that really caught our attention are:

  • 26% of companies reported doing nothing to reduce resignations – even though the average cost for processing an employee turnover is $15,270.
  • Top 3 Actions to Reduce Resignations:
    1. Better On-boarding
    2. Flexible Work Arrangements
    3. More Team Building Events (Higher Wages, which was previously ranked 3rd, has been bumped off the Top 3 list.)
  • 3 times as many companies reported an increase in employees, with medium sized businesses having the strongest hiring intent.

Get a closer look at the Infographic HERE or check out the complete Alberta HR Trends Report.

See something in this Infographic that resonates with you and your business but need support in addressing the issue or capitalizing on the trend? Give us a call anytime, we would be happy to discuss strategic HR solutions that keep your business ahead of the trends and help you successfully attract, retain and grow your people and organization.

About Amanda Charron

Salopek & Associates - Director Business Development and Human Resource Associate - Amanda Salopek. Areas of expertise include: marketing, business development and recruiting. Amanda is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources who holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing degree from the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business. She is an experienced Recruiter and has worked previously within various industries to support full cycle recruiting. Amanda specializes in Targeted Recruiting, working closely with clients and Salopek’s consulting team to execute searches that identify, source and place professionals. Amanda’s Targeted Recruiting support includes successfully recruiting for a diverse range of professionals, from executive leadership roles and senior management, technical services, trades professionals and support roles. Amanda’s HR experience also includes assisting managers with employee relations, exit interviews, policies & procedures and employment standards inquiries.

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