Training and professional development

Providing employees with the opportunity to grow and develop is important to sustaining business success and retaining your employees. Creating a continuous learning culture adds to your organization’s employee value proposition and increases retention with employees who are eager to continue learning and growing in their careers.

Salopek & Associates believe that continual learning is a critical part of our life-long journey and for this reason we have actually called it out as one of our Values!

Our Values:

  • Relationships, accessibility, expertise, continual development and   progressive

Salopek embraces a developmental approach to all of our client work – we believe that as we work with our clients we should be teaching and coaching.  Our approach is one of transfer of knowledge to our clients as we believe this is the only sustainable service model for our clients.  We strive to build internal capacity such that our Clients can become more self sufficient and train their management team to be awesome people managers!

Salopek offers training and development workshops, webinars and training courses that are interactive as we believe that real learning takes place when participants engage in conversation, discuss best practices and share their stories.  These training workshops can be done both virtually or safely in-house following strict COVID protocols and regulations.

Here are some interactive webinars, workshops that are relevant and important in today’s complex workplaces.  Salopek also works with organizations to provide customized workshops or seminars to address development opportunities unique to their teams.

The above are samples on what we can offer – we also provide customized team building sessions and facilitation of retreats to align and engage your employees, improving collaboration and decision making within the workplace.

Contact Salopek & Associates so we can customize a webinar, workshop or learning & developmental program that meets your specific needs.