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HR Q&A: Round 3

hr consulting calgary

As a company that proudly supports organizations across Canada, one of Salopek’s core Values is to provide accessible support and service to our clients. To us, Accessible not only means physically being available to pick up the phone or meet in your office, but it also reflects the effort we have made to reduce barriers to accessing our HR support. A differentiator with Salopek is that we work with clients to support in all your people needs, without the requirement of a long term retainer or contract, and we pride ourselves on providing timely, expert HR advice to all organizations who contact us, regardless if it is your first time reaching out to Salopek or you are one of our many long standing clients.

In our first HR Q&A Blog and Round 2 we addressed important topics including Overtime, Performance Management, Compensation and Harassment in the Workplace. In this HR Q&A Round 3 we are answering a few more questions that reflect the challenges Salopek assists organizations with on a regular basis and providing advice to help you effectively manage these situations with insight on how Salopek & Associates can support you and your organization:

Effective Interviewing & Recruitment

Q: I am hiring a new Administrative Assistant and will be conducting interviews, what questions should I ask?

A: Asking the right questions helps to ensure you hire the candidate who is not only equipped with the right skills, but is also a good cultural fit for the organization. Interview questions can include a mix of situational, behavioral and knowledge based questions, and it is important to ensure questions are non-discriminatory and considerate of candidate Human Rights. Contact Salopek for support with developing interview questions and a thorough recruitment process to help you successfully hire the right person for the job.

Training & Development

Q: My employee wants to take a professional development course and he wants the organization to pay for it. How do I make sure the organization will get value out it?

A: Providing employees with training and development opportunities not only contributes to the quality and effectiveness of your organization, but it also serves to motivate and retain employees. Having a Training and Development Policy helps set clear guidelines around who’s eligible, how a request is made, the types of training allowed, how much of the cost will be covered, and/or how it will be repaid, etc. Contact Salopek to discuss best practices or for assistance in creating a customized Training and Development Policy for your organization.

Employee Files & Record Keeping

Q: Our employee files are a mess! I am not sure what needs to be in there, what I should keep and how long I need to keep it for.

A: A personnel file is an employers’ saved documentation of the history and status of the entire employment relationship with an individual employee. Employee records provide employers with a consolidated place to store employee information, and provide documentation to substantiate decisions on hiring, promotion, compensation, disciplinary action and termination. Contact Salopek to ensure you are being compliant, for advice on best practices and for support in developing an Employee File Checklist.

Discipline & Terminations

Q: I caught my employee stealing, what can I do?

A: Any form of employee theft hurts your organization and presents you with a difficult management situation. The way you handle the theft depends on your organization’s policies and the severity of the infraction. This may include progressive discipline, termination or involving the police authorities. Terminating an employee is one of the hardest things a manager has to do. It is important that you have considered all aspects of the situation and have the resources in place to effectively document and execute the process. There are also many things to consider from a legal perspective. In order to help mitigate your risks, contact Salopek for guidance and advice before disciplining or terminating the employee.

Have an HR question or challenge that you could use some support with? Give us a call or contact Salopek through our website and we will be sure to get back to you with the expertise to help you develop an action plan that will allow you to effectively address the issue and move forward with confidence.

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