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HR Q&A: Round 2

hr consulting calgary

As a company that proudly supports organizations across Canada, one of Salopek’s core Values is to provide accessible support and service to our clients. To us, Accessible not only means physically being available to pick up the phone or meet in your office, but it also reflects the effort we have made to reduce barriers to accessing our HR support. A differentiator with Salopek is that we work with clients to support in all your people needs, without the requirement of a long term retainer or contract, and we pride ourselves on providing timely, expert HR advice to all organizations who contact us, regardless if it is your first time reaching out to Salopek or you are one of our many long standing clients.

Our first HR Question & Answer Blog addressed important topics including Overtime, Performance Management, Recruitment, Offer Letters and effective On-Boarding. In this HR Q&A Round 2 we are answering a few more questions that reflect the challenges Salopek assists organizations with on a regular basis and providing advice to help you effectively manage these situations with insight on how Salopek & Associates can support you and your organization:

Maternity Leave

Q: My employee is going on maternity leave; do I have to hold her job for her?

A: The length of time the employee has been with the organization will determine if her job is protected when she’s on maternity leave, thereby guaranteeing her the same position (or a comparable one) when she returns. But there are many things to consider when an employee is either going on, or returning from maternity leave such as: potential job modification or accommodation if the pregnancy interferes with the employee’s ability to do their job; temporarily replacing or filling the employee’s position; potential for the employee to go on early bed rest; performance management; time off for doctor’s appointments; and continuation of benefits. Contact Salopek to ensure your organization is meeting its obligations, providing a supportive environment and making the transition a successful one.

Social Media

Q: My employee posted something inappropriate on social media that reflects badly on the organization. What can I do about it?

A: Protecting the reputation of the organization is important, so putting a social media policy in place will help to clearly establish guidelines about what is considered appropriate and what the consequences will be if employees don’t adhere to the policy. Check out Salopek’s HR Policy E-Store, where you can purchase customizable policy templates, including a Social Media Policy, or contact Salopek for advice on best practices for creating and effectively rolling out a social media policy within your organizations.


Q: I just hired a new employee 2 months ago and she is already asking for a raise. Should I give her one?

A: Having a compensation policy that clearly outlines when and how raises are given helps manage employee expectations and prevents you from having to deal with one-off requests. There are many factors that must be considered when managing inquiries about raises, benefits, bonuses or other opportunities and workplace factors that contribute to an employee’s total compensation. Contact Salopek to discuss how to best handle a conversation of this nature, as well as best practices for Compensation policies.


Q: One of my employees informed me that another employee was harassing her. What should I do?

A: Everyone has the right not to be harassed or bullied at work. It is a serious matter and when a complaint is lodged, it should be taken seriously and investigated promptly. Managers and employees alike should be trained on Respect in the Workplace and how to handle complaints in a timely and respectful manner. Contact Salopek for guidance on how to best handle harassment or bullying complaints, and/or for a review of your Respect in the Workplace policy and procedures.

Have an HR question or challenge that you could use some support with? Give us a call or contact Salopek through our website and we will be sure to get back to you with the expertise to help you develop an action plan that will allow you to effectively address the issue and move forward with confidence.

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