Anthem for the Small Business Owner

Its 6:30 am on the morning after my Executive Chef’s wedding. I can hear the partygoers slowly dying off as I’m slowly waking up for yet again another 14-hour workday. As I sit here sipping on my venti, non-fat, sugar free, no whip, caramel macchiato and watching the sunrise over the mountains, I find myself reflecting on my life as an entrepreneur and the journey my business has taken me on over the past 6 years. Obviously, I feel I have done something right if I am sitting here six years later at one of my senior employee’s weddings reflecting on this journey. Yet, here I am, taking a moment to pause and think about how my small business has truly shaped my life and the ups-and-downs it’s taken to get to this exact point. It wasn’t until I owned my restaurant that I realized just how much small business owners and entrepreneurs commit and sacrifice in order to live out our passion that is our business, our baby and our way of life. So for all you small business owners out there, this anthem is for you …

We Are Small Business Owners

We do not have a money tree growing in our backyards, despite what most people think.

We work extremely hard to keep the doors open and employ amazing staff who we are fortunate enough to call our second family.

We understand that a vacation is never really a vacation, it’s just a remote office with a better backdrop.

We have tight profit margins and work hard to build lasting relationships with partners in order to stay in the green.

We are not afraid to admit failure and use these obstacles as learning experiences and opportunities to grow wiser and stronger.

We fall asleep with our phones in our hands and notepad next to our bed in case there is a brilliant middle of the night idea.

We believe our cell phones are an extension of our bodies that hasn’t turned off in many, many years.

We’ve mastered the art of multi-tasking and can always find creative ways to take a week’s worth of work and accomplish it in a day.

We’ve come to realize that dinner dates are just a fancy word for business meetings and we have nothing but love for those who are always there to listen.

We can feel hopeless at times and have fear of moving forward, but always manage to turn a tricky situation into an opportunity to advance.

We’ve realized that time is money and talk to Siri almost as much as we do our significant others.

We’ve learned that our employees are priceless and the most important aspect of our business – we wouldn’t be where we are now without them.

We don’t take anything for granted, especially those who have stuck by our side and supported our craziest ideas; we owe them the world.

We have 100 hats in our closet and never know how many we are going to have to wear in a day.

We’ve managed to be extremely productive relying on only 4 hours of sleep, 6 cups of coffee and weekly meal prep schedules.

We get fired up when hearing the word “impossible” and are 100 times more determined to make miracles happen … which we do.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves and risk it all for our dreams.

We are fearless, determined and passionate.

We are small business owners.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a proud employee who treats their job as if it’s their own business, I want to take a moment to applaud you! Take time to appreciate the hard work and passion you do every day to make a difference in your business and job. Reflect on the accomplishments and stumbles that have got you to where you are now. Remember to celebrate the highs and appreciate the lows, and never forget those who have supported you on your journey.

We at Salopek & Associates understand small businesses. Founder, Janet Salopek started this company 13 years ago with a dream and only a handful of clients. She has now grown Salopek into a nationally recognized and award-winning company with over 300+ satisfied clients and 20+ Associates. At Salopek we live and breath small business and have entrepreneurs working on our team who understand and appreciate the hard work you do every day to keep your business running efficiently. We are here to help with Strategic Planning, Human Resources & Board Governance! Connect with us and lets see how we can work together to grow your business even further 🙂


Written by Vanessa Salopek, Salopek & Associates, Marketing Director & Restaurant Owner, MARKET Restaurant.


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