The Importance of Respectful and Inclusive Corporate Functions

Summer has arrived, and provinces throughout Canada are preparing for summer celebrations, festivities, and music events. Corporate functions are also prevalent during this time of year.

Corporate functions can increase team engagement and morale in the workplace; they show employees they are valued, build rapport, and improve communication amongst team members. When organizing and participating in corporate and team social events, there are important factors that organizations should keep in mind.

Below are some important tips for maintaining a culture of respect that can lead to an inclusive and positive experience at events:

  • Celebrate small and significant wins together and recognize team members presence at the event.
  • Set clear expectations that all activities or events are optional so that employees do not feel pressured to participate.
  • Inclusive Planning. Taking basic measures, such as asking about dietary needs, cultural practices, and religious beliefs, can lessen any discomfort that staff may experience.
  • Ensure everyone is on the same page and respects each other’s differences. Hosting training or facilitating a team discussion about workplace respect, diversity, equality, and inclusion, and how to avoid harassment and violence. It is important to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of relevant workplace policies and procedures!
  • Promote an open-door policy for a safe space where employees can freely express their opinions and report harassment or harmful behavior. Ensure the procedure for this is accessible and inclusive.
  • Break the ice. Social events with many people can be overwhelming for some. Hosting a small, informal event, like a lunchtime get-together, can help to break the ice and ease any nerves.
  • Make sure that employees are informed of the company’s policies on drinking and encourage them to consume alcohol responsibly at any company social events.

We can foster collaboration, productivity, and a positive company culture by creating a safe and welcoming environment that promotes diversity and inclusion. Let’s work together to make the event a memorable and inclusive experience for everyone.

How Can Salopek Assist in Social Events?

Salopek Consultants can help employers develop and implement policies and procedures that minimize the potential for conflict and ensure that all employees feel comfortable and included. Salopek offers interactive training and development workshops and webinars that discuss best practices to ensure a positive experience for employees prior to and during social events.

This blog was written & edited by Director of Consulting Services, Kate Ashton & HR Assistant Gia De Vera

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