Policies and Procedures: Friend or Foe?

Policies and procedures are an amazing tool we provide our staff to help provide them with guidance and clarity, in addition to ensuring consistency of practice. However, like when a superhero uses their powers incorrectly they can quickly turn into an evil villain or monster, the same holds true for how we implement and use our policies. When used incorrectly, they can leave staff feeling devalued, dehumanized, and controlled. Here are a few key practices for you to incorporate into practice to ensure your organization is making the best use of this tool.


Encourage your staff to participate in the creation or review of policies. Having a voice, even if their suggestion is not incorporated into the policy, gives your staff the feeling of being included, valued, and appreciated. As a result, they will have a greater understanding of why the policy or procedure is the way it is, and will be more inclined to respect the process.

Living Documents

See your policies and procedures, for the most part, as living documents. They are to be useful and adaptable to the needs of the situation and the needs of the organization. Your policies and procedures will likely need to be reviewed and updated annually to adapt to the growing and changing needs of the organization. In order to be effective, it is crucial that they are able to be flexible to the challenges and opportunities faced by the company.

Understand the Law

For many organizations, accredited or legal bodies drive many of the policies and procedures they are required to have in place. Organizations in Canada fall under the Employment Standards Act, which has provincially modified versions to help drive the creation of Human Resource Policy and Procedures as well as the information included in Employee Handbooks. In addition to this, there are numerous forms of accreditations that provide guidance on what policies and procedures the organization must have in place in order to successfully complete accreditation. Having a solid understanding of these requirements is paramount to ensuring that your organization is in legal compliance.

Knowing you do not need to recreate the wheel is key. Salopek’s and Associates provides numerous policies and procedures resources to support organizations and provide them with best-practice documents that they can use as an excellent starting point, in addition to supporting organizations with ensuring compliance with accreditation requirements. Be sure to check out Salopek & Associates’ HR Policy E-Store to find a variety of template HR policies, forms and manuals that can be customized to suit your organization’s unique culture, operations and team. Looking for support in updating or revising your current policies and procedures? Contact Salopek for support from an expert who is up to date on provincial employment standards, legislation and best practices.

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