Exiting Employees Effectively Workshop

Exiting Employees Effectively

Training & Development Workshop

Thurs. Feb 22nd | 1-3PM | Calgary

Join Salopek & Associates for our first workshop of 2018! Our Exiting Employees Effective workshop will teach you how to manage the termination process to mitigate risk, maintain morale and maximize new opportunities.

Handling employee departures from your organization requires attention to legal & operational issues. However, beyond concern for legislative compliance, the handling of terminations will also have consequences on your company’s reputation, brand & ongoing success. It is therefore important that terminations be dealt with in a strategic, well-planned manner. As well, voluntary resignation processes also have repercussions, and must also be planned and approached strategically.

This 2 Hour Workshop will address:

  • Identifying & measuring good vs. bad turnover
  • The differences between overt & constructive dismissal
  • Key processes to follow prior to termination
  • Effective termination interview guidelines
  • Communication strategies & required processes after termination
  • Strategic responses & resources to use when an employee resigns

Training Workshop Costs: $150/person + GST

Workshop location: 1601, 9th ave SE Calgary

If you’re interested in attending this Exiting Employees Effectively Workshop, or if you have any questions about our other Training & Development sessions, please contact Salopek & Associates.

Space is limited so register today!

Email: info@salopekconsulting.com | Phone: 403-681-1232

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