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Having wrapped up our Bill 17 Compliance Breakfast Sessions, we wanted to thank all the professionals who came out to learn more about the changes to Alberta’s Employment Standards Code and what you can be doing to prepare your organization’s processes, policies and team for the new legislation.

In an effort to modernize our workplace laws, the Alberta Government is implementing significant changes to the Employment Standards Code for the first time since 1988 through Bill 17, better known as the Fair and Family-friendly Workplaces ActComing into effect January 1, 2018, these legislation changes will affect many facets of your business including HR, payroll, and finance. Organizations need to begin taking steps to bring their policies, procedures and operating practices into compliance in order to mitigate risk, maintain morale and ensure ongoing success.

Need Some Support? We Can Help.

Salopek & Associates available to support as you prepare your business and team for the new legislated changes. Depending on your needs, we offer various levels of support, tools and resources to assist you in ensuring your people practices and processes are legislatively compliant, including:

HR Compliance Audit & Action Plan

  • A thorough review of your organization’s HR function, including policies and people practices will be conducted, providing feedback on any gaps in compliance with legislation, employment standards and best practices. An action plan will be provided that outlines the necessary steps your organization must take to achieve compliance.

HR Policy Manual Review & Update

  • A thorough review of your organization’s HR policy manual will be conducted including an assessment of any gaps to ensure compliance with provincial legislation and best practices. New policies will be developed to address new job protected leaves; revisions to existing policies will be made to bring them into alignment with new legislative requirements; and policies that are out of date with respect to current company practices will be updated and/or added.

New Policy Update

  • Your HR policy manual will be updated with revisions to existing policies to bring them into alignment with new legislative requirements and new policies will be added to address the new job protected leaves.

Policy Templates and Summary of Legislation Changes

  • A complete package of policy templates to address the new job protected leaves and a summary of legislation changes. All policy templates can be purchased on the Salopek website HR E-Store as of Nov. 15th, 2017.

Manager & Employee Training

  • Overview of new legislation and updated policies and processes in the workplace.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss the various levels of support we offer in managing Bill 17’s Employment Standards Changes, and how we can assist you in preparing your processes, policies and team to ensure compliance, engagement and a seamless transition into 2018.

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