Alberta HR Trends 2015


Salopek & Associates has been sharing HR trends and best practices with our network and clients for the past 10 years. One resource that is always of interest is the Alberta HR Trends Report, an initiative started by HRIA in 2013 that bi-annually surveys over 1000 HR professionals in Alberta to gain insight on industry and HR trends that are affecting businesses and people.

In September the fourth Alberta HR Trends Report was published, with results reflecting a decrease in hiring, increase in terminations and insight on how businesses plan on managing the increase in minimum wage. Given the current economic climate, the trends were not exceptionally surprising, however there were a few findings that stood out to Salopek & Associates:

  • 72% of Oil & Gas firms reported a net decrease in employment
  • Temporary Layoffs in the first 6 months of 2015 tripled in the Oil & Gas sector when compared to the last half of 2014
  • Termination Without Cause” became the #1 reason employees leave an organization – edging out “Resignation for a Better Opportunity” for the top spot
  • 62% of organizations plan on raising prices for products and services in response to the increase in minimum wage

We have all seen the effects of these trends play out over the past 6 months, with news of downsizing in the media on a daily basis. It’s a tough time for organizations and employees alike, with morale maintenance and attention to the bottom line being top of mind for everyone.

Want to take a closer look at the trends affecting your teams and business today? Check out the Infographic or complete Alberta HR Trends Report here.

See something that resonates with you and your business but need support in addressing the issue or managing the trend? Give us a call anytime at 403 681 1232, we would be happy to discuss strategic HR Solutions that keep your business ahead of the trends and help you successfully attract, retain and grow your people and organization.

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