2016 Workplace Resolutions – What’s Yours?


The start of a new year is all about planning – planning the weight you will lose, the alcohol you will avoid, or how you will spend the money you save by not smoking. New Year’s resolutions are typically about personal plans for improvement, but they are also a useful tool for organizations and their employees – What is your Workplace Resolution?

It is an exciting time of year! Many people believe the turn of a calendar year provides the opportunity to make changes for the better. Companies need to recognize this energy within their people and leverage it towards accomplishing organizational goals and professional growth. “New Year’s Resolution” sounds a lot less ominous than “planning” or “strategy session” and it should be. Your Workplace Resolution is an opportunity to consider your organizational or professional objectives and commit to making one change in behavior or action that will help you achieve your goals throughout the year.

For organizations, Workplace Resolutions should be aligned with your strategic plan. Some examples could include:

  • Resolving to Be More Flexible – Offering employees the opportunity to avoid peak traffic periods by adjusting their work hours by an hour or two in the morning or evening is one resolution that can provide employees greater work/life balance.
  • Resolving to Give Back – Collaborating with your employees, select a charity that is aligned with the organization’s values and provide employees paid time off to volunteer. This resolution builds engagement and community involvement, which is a win for employees and the company alike.
  • Resolving to Create Culture – Whether it is monthly lunch potlucks, organizing an office Softball team for the spring or creating a fitness challenge that plays off people’s personal New Year’s resolutions, creating an opportunity for your people to work and play together develops a stronger sense of team and positively impacts attraction and retention efforts.

As your people return from the holidays, it is important to ensure they are engaged, excited about the year ahead and understand the role they play on your team as you work together to achieve organizational objectives. Sharing your organization’s Workplace Resolution is the perfect opportunity to update your employees on what is happening with the business and how the resolution will support the organization in achieving its strategic goals. Hold a managers’ meeting, send out a company-wide email or post your Workplace Resolution in your January newsletter – communication is key.

Asking employees to set their own Workplace Resolutions is equally as important. Schedule time to grab a coffee, catch up after holidays and discuss each employee’s Workplace Resolution and how it will help them to achieve their professional goals and contribute towards achieving organizational objectives. Note each Workplace Resolution on the employee’s performance plan and follow up at your next touch point meeting. Small changes can make a big difference; so sitting down with each employee to set one Workplace Resolution is a great way to revisit performance goals while playing off the excitement of the New Year.

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