Targeted Search: Recruitment’s Secret Sauce

You develop a job posting that perfectly promotes the opportunity within your organization; your culture, the position profile and a summary of the ideal candidate who will be as passionate about the role as you are! It’s perfect – so you post it. And you wait…

This summarizes the start of many companies’ current recruitment process. You post a job, promoting it as best possible through job sites and social media, hoping the right professional applies. Sometimes they do, often they don’t. It’s a recruitment challenge many hiring managers have experienced, but often, don’t believe they have the budget to address with outsourced support.

Salopek’s Recruiting-by-the-Hour is a cost effective service that offers support in developing and executing an effective recruitment strategy. For organizations with no internal HR, it provides full-cycle support from position profiling to hiring documentation. But it’s Salopek’s Targeted Recruitment service that has risen to become the secret sauce of our recruitment support! A service offered by the hour, with no placement fees attached, Salopek’s Recruitment Specialist supports clients to efficiently and effectively target the professionals they dream of when drafting their job posting.

So, what’s in Salopek’s Targeted Recruitment secret sauce?

It’s a secret, but here’s a taste:

  • Active LinkedIn Networking – strategically connected with a diverse range of professionals, we are able to identify your ideal candidates faster.
  • Pro-active Outreach – discreet targeting with messaging that professionally presents the opportunity. Recruitment is marketing; promoting your company, culture and the position available is our specialty.
  • Personalized Communications – 41% of job seekers search for jobs at night. Our Recruitment Specialist also works nights. Professional pillow talk about career opportunities is our idea of a perfect midnight snack.
  • You Can Afford It – we can make your recruitment as spicy as you like. Whether you want to supplement internal recruitment with a few hours of targeted search, or require support in managing the full recruitment process, our Recruitment Specialist works with Salopek’s consulting team in a capacity that suits your budget.

If we’ve wet your appetite and you’re interested in learning more about Salopek’s Targeted Recruitment or Recruiting-by-the-Hour support contact us and we would be happy to discuss how our services might be able to add an extra kick to your recruitment.


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