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Successful Conflict Resolution Workshop: June 22

Salopek & Associates 2017 Training Workshop Program is in full swing and our April session on Performance Management was at capacity! We are looking forward to our next workshop on June 22nd – Successful Conflict Resolution, which will explore managing conflict in the workplace, providing tips, strategies and tools to help address conflict and develop the skills to quickly find resolution in any difficult workplace situation.

We are excited about the full house we had at our last workshop and the response we’ve received to date for our 2017 Training Workshop Program! Many companies recognize that culture, learning opportunity and skills development are increasingly important to employees today, and for many employees, it is as important a part of their total compensation and satisfaction as money! With employee attraction, retention and engagement being a priority for the companies we work with, Salopek & Associates is excited to be delivering our 2017 Training Workshop Program to support organizations that want to stand out as an employer of choice.

Salopek’s Workshop Program offers a convenient and cost effective training option, providing a series of 2-Hour Workshops that address a range of management, leadership and HR skills throughout 2017. Facilitated by our HR Consultants at an off-site location in Calgary, the Workshop Program addresses the following topics, which are essential to effective people and team management, and provide an on-going learning opportunity for employees developing into managerial roles or wanting a refresher on HR best practices.

Training Workshop Program: 2017 Upcoming Workshops: (click for info on all topics)

  • June 22, 1-3PM – Successful Conflict Resolution
  • 21, 1-3PM – Retention & Engagement
  • 23, 1-3PM – Exiting Employees

Join us for the remaining three sessions of Salopek’s 2017 Workshop Training Program! The Workshop Program cost for the remaining 3 Sessions is $400/employee with individual Workshops available at $150/employee. Space will be limited, so register early to secure your spot for this continuous learning program that will help to develop, engage and retain your team.

For more information on Salopek & Associates or our 2017 Training Workshop Program please contact us anytime to discuss how this workshop series, or a training program customized to meet your organizational goals, can support team engagement and employee development.

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