Policies & Procedures

Documenting policies and procedures that are reflective of your company’s culture is the first foundational Human Resources piece of work that many organizations take on. Clearly outlining business practices and the requirements of employees and the organization provides clarity and protects your organization as you continue to grow. Salopek & Associates has developed a comprehensive library of legislatively compliant policies and procedures that are customizable, enabling you to maintain your unique corporate culture while ensuring compliance with employment standards and legislative requirements.

Salopek & Associates offers a wide range of resources, from individual policies to complete HR Manuals, and our HR Consultants are available to provide support in customizing, communicating and implementing the policies to suit your unique culture and business needs.

Visit the Salopek HR E-Store to view all resources available or contact Salopek & Associates to learn more about how we can support in developing policies and procedures that speak to your culture and support continued business growth.

Attention all organizations operating in Alberta!

Are you aware of Bill 17 and the effects it will have on Alberta Employment Standards effective January 1st, 2018?

Prepare your business and team for the first Employment Standards update in 30 years and ensure your organization is compliant with legislative requirements.

Click here for a summary of Alberta’s Employment Standard Code Changes and the support, tools and resources Salopek & Associates offers to assist you in ensuring your people practices, policies and processes are legislatively compliant.

For more information on Bill 17 Compliance and upcoming Alberta Employment Standards changes please contact Salopek & Associates.