Small Business Human Resources

Who you are:

  • Owner/Founder of a growing organization that currently does not have a Human Resource Manager.
  • Controller or Administrator who has been handling the work related to hiring new staff and ensuring that they are properly paid.

Your challenges may include:

  • Effective recruiting / hiring
  • Managing human resources issues and employee concerns
  • Creating policies & procedures and employee handbooks
  • Training and professional development
  • Legal and compliance issues
  • Employee retention and reward programs
  • Managing a difficult termination
  • Need help but not in a full time capacity

How we can help:

  • We partner with you to manage your human resources issues so that you don’t get bogged down in important employee/people issues.
  • We provide assurance that your people issues are being managed by a team of highly specialized experts. Our consulting team is your outsourced Human Resource Firm.
  • We ensure that you have the processes in place to attract and retain the people you need to successfully grow your business.
  • We provide prompt same day advice to you and your management team so that difficult and potentially legally sensitive people issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Immediate same day advice
  • Uninterrupted operations
  • Comprehensive experience (Associates have more than 15 years)
  • Access to a full team of Human Resource Specialists by calling one number or emailing one contact
  • Help is available remotely over the phone or in your office – you decide


Sound-Rite Acoustics Inc. has been using the services of Salopek & Associates Ltd. for four years. Prior to partnering with them, I often felt uncertain as to whether we were current regarding many of our Human Resource programs. It seemed like we were always reacting to circumstances rather than having a long term plan. Salopek & Associates has assisted us with the development of: a policy and procedure manual, Human Resource programs that support corporate culture and needs of staff, performance review processes, and on-going strategizing, coaching, mentoring and succession planning. In addition, Salopek & Associates has facilitated meetings of staff and owners to establish vision, mission, core values and employee value proposition statements. They also facilitated a Corporate Strategic Planning session for the owners.

We are extremely pleased with the professional and timely approach to all projects Salopek & Associates has undertaken. As a small company, I know we are at a level now that we never could have achieved without the assistance of Salopek & Associates.

P.M. (Marty) Dahl, President – Sound-Rite Acoustics Inc.