Salopek & Associates offers regular Workshops & Seminars for our clients

Training & Development Workshop Programs & Seminars

Salopek & Associates offers a convenient and cost effective option for Training & Development, providing a series of five 2-Hour Workshops that address a range of management, leadership and HR skills. Facilitated by our HR Consultants at an off-site location, Salopek’s Workshop Program addresses topics that are essential to effective people and team management, and provides a continuous learning opportunity for employees developing into managerial roles or wanting a refresher on HR best practices. Contact us for more information on a customized workshop for your business.

Past Workshops:


Be Aware! OH&S Changes Impact HR: Free Breakfast Session:

The first Occupational Health & Safety update in 40 years comes into effect on June 1st! Is your Business ready for these changes? Salopek & Associates Ltd. is hosting a FREE breakfast seminar to help you understand the new OH&S requirements.

·What is required to prepare for the legislated changes
·What training is required for Employee and H&S Reps
·What HR Policies & Procedures will need updating
·What new practices will need to be implemented

We will help you prepare your business & your people for new OH&S legislation! Register today– spots are limited!


Click here to learn more about past 2017 Training Workshop Programs, training topics and previous Workshop dates.

Customized On-Site Workshops and Lunch ‘N’ Learns

Salopek & Associates also offers 1 or 2 Hour training sessions that are presented by our HR Consultants at your workplace over the lunch hour or at a time that suits your team. Our HR Consultants come to your workplace to deliver training on a range of topics that will support your team’s specific needs. Working with Salopek to develop a training plan that suit’s your development needs, organizations can role out a Training Series or have us in for a single Workshop / Lunch ‘N’ Learn to address a specific training topic.

Click here for a summary of Salopek’s Workshop & Lunch ‘N’ Learns Topics or contact us to discuss specific training you would like developed for your team.

A small investment in implementing a Training & Development program will equal a large return in your company’s ability to attract, engage and retain employees for the long-term while developing a continuous learning culture.

Join Salopek & Associates for our 2017 Workshop Program or have us join your team on site for a Lunch ‘N’ Learn; working sessions on relevant human resource and business topics. Contact us today to learn more: 1- 877-681-1232.