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In compliance with provincial Employment Standards codes, employers are required to maintain certain records about each person they hire including payroll and administration records. Additional information such as Performance Management documentation and Pay Increases will also need to be kept securely. Employee records provide employers with a consolidated place to store such information This Employee File Checklist allows employers to check off each item as it is collected, ensuring all necessary information is in each employee’s file. Purchase of this Employee File Checklist includes 15 Minutes of consulting time with a Salopek & Associates HR Consultant.

Upon purchase, an HR Consultant from our team will contact you within 24 hours to support in customization and answer any questions regarding implementation.



Please Note: This document template has been developed in accordance with Alberta Employment Standards. Salopek & Associates has included 15 Minutes of Consulting support to assist you with customizing and implementing this document effectively. If you are outside of Alberta, this support will include the required adjustments to ensure your document is compliant with the employment standards in your province.


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